Keep your Mac Terminal from Freezing while you’re busy doing something else away from it!

Simply follow the following commands :
cd ~/.ssh
If config file does not exist follow :
touch config
vi config
Paste the following :
Host *
ServerAliveInterval 30

Save the file!

SSHing to AWS Linux Server from your mac

Today I struggled for 15 minutes before figuring out how to SSH to Linux Server from mac (Being my first time as a previous Putty user from Windows). Mac had some recent changes apparently regarding OpenSSH protocol implementation. ‘M not sure though. All you gotta do is follow the simple steps (if you don’t know a quicker way) in your mac terminal:

  • mv <your_pem_file> ~/.ssh 
  • chmod 600 ~/.ssh/<your_pem_file> - Limits access to file - Necessary
  • chmod 700 ~/.ssh - Limits access to folder - Necessary
  • ssh -i ~/.ssh/<your_pem_file> ec2-user@<AWS_Server_Domain_name>

You’ll get the following screen 🙂 Enjoy coding in AWS !!

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 2.43.18 AM