Decorators! in Python !

Hey Friends,

Let me help you with that crazy piece of code that deals with decorators !
So what is it ?

Do you remember the ‘@’ symbol above the function? Why did the programmer even use it ? First is first, what do you even call it ? Annotation? Here you can call it PIE!

In a sentence, a decorator in python is a function that decorates another function! I swear, if it was not important I would not have bothered to write a blog post on it. It IS IMPORTANT when you move to higher order development like using Django, Flask or anything cute.

Basics first :
A function is a first class object in Python. This basically means that you can use it as object variables all over your code like passing it as arguments, assignment etc. If I am not wrong it is the case for JavaScript too. Have you ever used callbacks ? If not you should and then you will know the power of this particular feature.

def myFunc():
print 'Hey, it\'s me myFunc!!'
x = myFunc

Do yo know what it will do? Yes, it will print whatever is inside myFunc for it is the same as myFunc now.

Now, see this piece of code :
def decoratorFunc(someFunc):
def wrapper():
print 'I am before someFunc'
print 'I am after someFunc'
return wrapper

myFunc = decoratorFunc(myFunc)

I am before someFunc
Hey, it’s me myFunc!!
I am after someFunc

So, the middle line has been decorated with a line above and a line below. The two decorating lines come from the decorator function, here which is decoratorFunc.

Observe the last code statements again.

myFunc = decoratorFunc(myFunc)

These could be rewritten with some syntactical sugar as :
def myFunc():
print 'Hey, it\'s me myFunc!!'

That’s it !!!

Hehe, and yes, you know a little more now. 🙂