Symlinks in Mac ! Symbolic Links ..yeah, I know, it’s the same!

So, you are struggling with your boring Vi editor? or that default app that your mac provides for a functionality? Kill me if you are the guy with that beard who loves Linux n Vi, but this tutorial is meant for the rest of the world’s population. 

Simple Steps Ahead : 

  • ln -s  /usr/local/bin/
  • open ~/.bash_profile (if it exists, else touch ~/.bash_profile before this step)
  • add the line export PATH = /usr/local/bin:$PATH
  • source ~/.bash_profile to refresh the file bash_profile
  • type the app’s desired short name that you added in the first step.

The application should open!

Yet Another Lambda Tutorial

Python Conquers The Universe

modified to use the WordPress tag — 2012-01-14

There are a lot of tutorials[1] for Python’s lambda out there. One that I stumbled across recently and really found helpful was Mike Driscoll’s discussion of lambda on the Mouse vs Python blog.

When I first started learning Python, one of the most confusing concepts to get my head around was the lambda statement. I’m sure other new programmers get confused by it as well…

Mike’s discussion is excellent: clear, straight-forward, with useful illustrative examples. It helped me — finally — to grok lambda, and led me to write yet another lambda tutorial.

Lambda: a tool for building functions

Basically, Python’s lambda is a tool for building functions (or more precisely, function objects). That means that Python has two tools for building functions: def and lambda.

Here’s an example. You can build a function in the normal way…

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